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More Phone Service for Less!

More Phone Service for Less

It is possible, as unbelievable as it might sound, to have unlimited cellular and full-featured home phone service, including unlimited long distance calling anwhere in Canada, for the low price of $23.95 per month. Here's how I do it:

First, you'll require a cellular service provider and a cell phone. WIND Mobile, in my view, is the most economical cellular service providers currently on the market. WIND offers a variety of voice and data plans to accomodate customer needs, but I recommend the $20 voice plan. I likely should point out that WIND might not be the best cellular service provider for every user and that you should likely understand the implications and limitations of WIND Home and Away zones. If the vast majority of your cellular usage is, like mine, confined to a major metropolitan area (like Ottawa) then you're almost certainly within a WIND Home zone and the $20 plan ensures you unlimited cell phone use to local calls for just $20 per month. Of course you'll need to purchase a cell phone that's compatible with the WIND network but a phone, such as the Huwawei U2801, can currently be purchased directly from any WIND outlet for $49.00.

Second, you'll require home phone service. I use a VOIP service (voice over internet protocol) provided by FreePhoneLine.ca. It is, as the name implies, a free service. An analog telephone adapter (ATA) is required to use the service which, if you purchase directly from FreePhoneLine.ca costs $99.99. You just plug the gizmo into your internet router and plug the telephone into the gizmo and that's all there is to it. You will never receive another telephone bill again! As an aside, you're not confined to purchasing the preconfigured ATA sold by FreePhoneLine.ca and you may choose, as I did, to purchase your ATA device from an independent vendor. In this case FreePhoneLine.ca will send you the SIP settings for your device and install the VOIP Unlock Key for a one time charge of $50.00. I chose this latter option as I already owned the Linksys SPA2102 analog telephone adapter. For the average user, however, I'd highly recommend purchasing the preconfigured device which FreePhoneLine.ca will sell you for the one-time fee of $99.99. You'll never receive another phone bill again and you'll be ab le to make unlimited local calls provided there's coverage in your area. As noted above, this service is not for everyone. FreePhoneLine.ca does provide service in most major Canadian centres but if you're living in the Ozarks then this service may not meet your needs.

Third, you'll need a long distance carrier to supplement both your cell service and your home VOIP service. Wordline provides unlimited Canada-wide long distance calling for the low price of $3.95 per month. Moreover, the service allows you to assigns two independent phone numbers to the single subscription so you will be able to make long-distance calls to anywhere in Canada from either your cell phone or your home phone. It's reasonably simple to use as you merely dial your local Worldline access number (here in Ottawa it's 613-482-4012) and when you hear a dial tone you then dial the ten digit telephone number you wish to connect to.

So there you have it! Unlimited cellular service, a home phone and unlimited long distance calling anywhere in Canada from either phone for the low price of $23.95 per month. I have been a subscriber of the Worldline long-distance service since 2005. In 2009, quite by accident I might add, I discovered the FreePhoneLine.ca service and opted to cancel my Bell home service after having been with them for nearly 35 years. With a savings of almost $400 a year just on my Bell bill, I have never looked back. Last year I switch cellular providers from Rogers to WIND Mobile. For virtually the same money, WIND provides me with unlimited cell phone service whereas Rogers was giving me 60 minutes per month. I have also never looked back.

For those who might be interested, there are a couple of additional things you can do to take control of the telecommunication devices in your home. I highly recommend a Bluetooth compatable cordless home telephone system such as those manufactured by V-tech. One of the biggest drawbacks with a cellular is that when it's not on your person and it rings you've got to go to a different room, or sometimes a different floor, to answer it. With a Bluetooth compatible home phone system, all phones in your house automatically link to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Moreover, the home phones are able to link to two seperate cellular phones and a landline or VOIP enabled line full maximum control of the telecommunication devices in your household.